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King Chilli Pickle, (Bhut Jolokia Pickle) 200g

King Chilli Pickle, (Bhut Jolokia Pickle) 200g

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Heat Level (🌶️) - 2/10 Tangy & Spicy 

King Chilli (Raja Mircha) is considered as one of the hottest chilli in the world. NE Origins King Chilli pickle is directly sourced from Manipur. Its tangy and not very hot, the aroma from these chilli itself is enough to make one salivate. Moreover, It makes a perfect condiment for comforting meals at home.


King Chilli (bhut jolokia), Edible Vegetable Oil (Mustard Oil), Iodized Salt, Acidity Regulator(E260)

How to use?

Use 1/2 or 1 tsp as a condiment with Rice, Curries and a range of Indian preparations.

Best Before

18 Months


What is king chilli pickle?
King Chilli Pickle is a traditional delicacy from Northeast states, the king chilli is also known as umorok chilli in manipur and bhut jolokia in assam. King chilli pickle is a humble blend of spices, mustard oil and king chilli giving a perfect flavour profile for any indian platter.

Is King chilli the hottest?
King chilli is one of the hottest chillies in the world. The scoville heat unit score of 2 millions SHU+. King chilli is the hottest chilli in India.
How do you preserve Raja mircha?
Raja mircha or king chilli can be preserved by drying, pickling, fementing or using in packaged foods.

What is Naga King chilli?
King Chilli is also known as umorok chilli in manipur and bhut jolokia in assam all belong to the Capsicum chinense Jacq. variety of chilli.

What is the taste of chilli pickle?
King chilli pickle has a hot and achari flavour profile. The heat from the king chilli and flavours from the mustard oil and aromatic spices give it a unique taste from the Northeast

Is Chilli Pickle healthy?
Like any good thing, king chilli pickle does support a healthy lifestyle, however eating too much of it cannot be considered part of a healthy diet.

What is the spiciest pickle in the world?
King Chilli Pickle is one of the hottest pickles in the world!

How spicy is king chilli?
King Chilli Pickle has a scoville heat score of over 2 million!

Can diabetic patient eat chilli pickle?
Please consult your physician!

What are the benefits of eating King chilli pickle?
King Chilli Pickle supports digestion, is known to be good for heart health, and is a delicious addition to a meal.

What is the price of king chilli pickle?
King Chilli Pickle MRP is listed on the product page.

What ingredients are used in king chilli pickle?
King Chilli, Mustard Oil, Mixed Spices and Salt.

Can I use king chilli pickle during pregnancy?
We do not add any Class II preservatives or MSG in any of our products, however you can consult your physician before consuming.

Where can I buy king chilli pickle online?
You can buy king chilli pickle at

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Shilpa Rane

Not very spicy. Nice pickle.

Richa Mohan

Amazing taste and excellent service … highly recommended

Dwijendra Nath Roy
King Chilli Pickle.

Exquisite and Tasty product. I enjoyed this item.

Best chilli pickle in ages !!

Thanks for creating this magical recipe perfect for the King chilli 🌶️ pickle …never had something like this !! Kudos !!

Sartung-eh Singnar
Very spicy

The pickle was very spicy and very tasty… I wish to order some more other products in the future.