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Assam Green Tea, 100g

Assam Green Tea, 100g

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As the world comes to acknowledge the plethora of benefits that green tea offers, NE Origins' Green Tea brings to you the very best of this miracle potion straight from the tea gardens of Assam. Known to have a high concentration of antioxidants, this tea promotes health and well-being and is sure to make you feel great and relaxed.


100% Loose Leaf Assam Green Tea

How to use?

Follow these simple steps for the perfect brew:
Boil 200ml of fresh water.

Add 1 tsp of green tea leaves for each 100ml of boiled water.

Leave the tea to infuse for up to 3 minutes. For a stronger brew, steep for longer. Watch out, over-brewing can cause bitterness.

Pour the tea through a sieve into a cup and enjoy your freshly brewed cup of green tea!

Best enjoyed without milk.

Best Before

12 months


Is Assam tea green tea?
Assam tea is not green tea. In fact, Assam tea is a variety of black tea whose leaves are procured from the tea gardens of Assam.

What is Assam green tea?
Assam green tea at NE Origins is a light-bodied 100% loose whole leaf tea with subtle flavors.

Which is best Assam tea?
NE Origins Assam tea is the best. It is the highest quality tea from the local gardens of Assam.

Which is best time for green tea?
Green tea is best consumed in the morning or early afternoon, one to two hours after meals.

What happens if I drink green tea everyday?
Drinking green tea every day can help you lose weight and also lower your risk of various diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

What are the side effects of green tea?
Drinking green tea on an empty stomach may cause stomach irritation, acidity, and bloating, to name a few. Though green tea contains only small amounts of caffeine, drinking it at night can disrupt your sleep.

Is green tea good for liver?
Green tea leaves include phytochemical elements that aid the body's natural detoxification processes. Green tea is an excellent liver booster due to its high concentration of natural polyphenols.

Is green tea better than coffee?
Since both green tea and coffee are healthy and safe, the discussion on which is better—green tea or coffee—is left open-ended. Green tea is a great choice for people with anxiety or insomnia. Coffee is a better option for those who are looking for increased focus and improved physical performance.

Does green tea have high caffeine?
Yes, green tea contains caffeine. However, the amount of caffeine in green tea is less than that of black tea.

Which is better white or green tea?
The discussion on which tea is better - white or green tea - is left open-ended as both teas are healthier. Both contain high amounts of antioxidants. However, white tea is usually described as a "beauty tea ", while green tea has title of a "weight-loss tea.

Which green tea is famous in India?
Assam Green Tea by NE Origins is famous in India. It is 100% loose leaf tea.

What is the price of 50 gm green tea bag?
The 50 g Assam Green Tea bag by NE Origins costs Rs 137/- (tax included). The packet has 100% loose leaf.

Which is the best green tea in india?
Assam Green Tea by NE Origins is the best green tea in India. It has 100% whole loose leaves that come directly from the tea gardens of Assam.

Which is the best tea brand in india?
NE Origins is the best tea brand in India, known for the indigenous, authentic, exotic, and diversified variety of tea in India.

Where to buy best Assam green tea online?
You can order Assam green tea online from NE Origins.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great taste

This green tea is the best green tea one can have, such soulful sweet after taste, which you may want to enjoy for hours.

Shivinder Duggal
Great tea

Very fresh and aromatic. Great tea. Will buy again