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Smoked Chicken Pickle, 60g

Smoked Chicken Pickle, 60g

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Heat Level (🌶️) - 2/10 Not Spicy 

Smoked chicken pickle is made using finest quality chicken meat that is locally farmed in Nagaland. The meat is first smoked traditionally using pine woods which adds to its texture and flavour. Followed by shredding the meat and pickling with various spices and oil. It is enjoyed as a side with any Indian meals. Enjoy a truly delicious and local experience with this Chicken Pickle from Nagaland!


Dried Smoked Chicken, King Chilli Flakes, Ginger, Garlic, Edible Vegetable Oil (Mustard Oil), Iodized Salt, Mixed Spices.

How to use?

As an accompaniment to all kinds of Indian cuisines

Best Before

18 Months


What is a chicken pickle?
Chicken Pickle is a true Naga cuisine delicacy. It is an exotic and tasty mixture of smoky shredded chicken, king chilli flakes, garlic, mustard oil, and other indigenous Indian spices. It’s fiery, smoky, and tasty.

How do you eat a chicken pickle?
At NE Origins, you get a dry-smoked boneless chicken pickle, which is a true Naga cuisine delicacy. Therefore, you can eat it as a side with any Indian dish or use it as a spread over bread.

What is the cost of chicken pickle?
The cost of 60g of smoked chicken pickle, at NE Origins, is Rs 400/-.

Is Chicken pickle good for health?
Yes, chicken pickle is good for your health because it is loaded with proteins, vitamins, leucine, and lysine amino acids, which are crucial for muscle growth and enhancing bone density. Furthermore, the Indian spices like ginger, garlic, mustard oil, etc. that are used in the preparation of smoked chicken pickle multiply its health benefits.

Is Chicken pickle good for weight loss?
Smoked chicken pickle of NE Origin is good for weight loss as its acid content is known to boost metabolism and potentially aid in weight loss.

Should Chicken pickle be refrigerated?
Once the smoked chicken pickle, from the NE Origins, is opened, refrigerate and consume it within 3 months.

How many days we can store chicken pickle?
Once opened, refrigerate and consume it within 90 days.

Which is the best chicken pickle brand in India?
NE Origins is the best smoked chicken pickle brand in India.

How long does pickled chicken last?
Smoked chicken pickle, a true Naga cuisine delicacy, is best used within 3 months once it has been opened and refrigerated.

What is the chicken pickle 1kg price?
The cost of 60g of smoked chicken pickle, at NE Origins, is Rs 400/-.

Where can I buy best chicken pickle online?
You can buy the best chicken pickle online from NE Origins.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amit Chatterjee

Perfectly edible but, not what I was expecting. The smokiness in both smell and taste was barely detectable. It was devoid any punchiness. The pickle sat well in the stomach.

Too Yummy

Yummy shreds of chicken marinated with spice buy

The flavor is just perfect

WE LOVE IT… ITS VERY YUMMMM !! The flavor is just perfect !!