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Bamboo Shoot Pickle 200g,Pack Of 2

Bamboo Shoot Pickle 200g,Pack Of 2

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Heat Level (🌶️) - 4/10 Spicy 

Our flavourful bamboo shoot pickle is made from bamboo shoots grown in the abundant hills of Manipur. Bamboo shoots are a popular among northeast Indians because of it's distinctive taste and flavour. This pickle has got a subtle flavour, crunchy texture and an appetizing smell. Enjoy as a side with any Indian meal.


Fermented Bamboo shoot, Mixed Spices, Edible Vegetable Oil (Mustard Oil), Iodized Salt, Acidity Regulator (E260)

How to use?

As an accompaniment to all kinds of Indian cuisines

Best Before

18 months


Q. What is bamboo shoot pickle?
A. Bambooshoot Pickle is an indigenous delicacy enjoyed by various cultures across India. Our Bambooshoot pickle is made in Manipur and is locally known as Soibum Achar! Made with mustard oil, simple spices and salt, and most commonly enjoyed as a side with indian preparations. Bambooshoot Pickle is famous across the north east and is consumed heavily in Meghalaya and Assam, as well as in parts of Southern India.

Q. How do you eat a bamboo shoot pickle?
A. Bambooshoot Pickle is enjoyed as a condiment with a staple indian meal. Across India, a meal is enjoyed mainly as rice, roti, sabzi and dal, some culture may avoid 1-2 of the items depending on the time of day, but mostly consume along these lines. Bambooshoot pickle can be consumed as a side with any of these meals to add a layer of umami and pungency to a simple meal, adding heaps of flavour!

Q. What is the benefits of eating bamboo shoots?
A. Bambooshoot are a nutrient powerhouse, being low in fat, rich in protein and fiber and essential minerals. This build up of nutrients makes bambooshoot perfect for maintaining an appetite, supporting a healthy heart, support bodily functions and maintain mineral balance. The fiber in bambooshoot also aids in digestion.

Q. What do pickled bamboo shoots taste like?
A. Pickled bambooshoots have a mildly sweet, soft and have a fibrous texture. They have a flavour of umami and in our case a rounded flavour profile with indigenous spices and mustard oil.

Q. Is bamboo pickle good for health?
A. Like any good thing, bamboo pickle does support a healthy lifestyle, however eating too much of it cannot be considered part of a healthy diet.

Q. What ingredients are used in bamboo shoot pickle?
A. Bambooshoot pickle is made with young bambooshoots, iodized salt, fragrant mustard oil and simple indigenous spices.

Q. Where can I buy best quality bamboo shoot pickle online?
A. Our Bambooshoot pickle is made in small batches using the finest quality ingredients and packed with the utmost care. You can expect the best quality product from NE Origins.

Q. Can I use bamboo shoot pickle during pregnancy?
A. We do not add any Class II preservatives or MSG in any of our products, however you can consult your physician before consuming.

Q.What are the bamboo shoot pickle uses?
A. Bamboo Shoot Pickle can be consumed as a side dish with rice, roti or other indian preparations. It can also be used to marinade and cook food and add the achari flavour to the dish you are making.

Q. What is bamboo shoot pickle 1kg price?
A. We currently do not offer 1 Kg packs of Bamboo shoot pickle, however there are bulk discounts available on multiple pack orders. For bulk orders, please contact our customer care helpline. The cost of a 200g jar of bambooshoot pickle is on the product page.

Q. How to use pickled bamboo shoots?
A. Pickled bambooshoots can be used to add heaps of flavour to stews, broths, and curries.

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Bamboo Shoot Pickle 200g,Pack Of 2