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With our authentic homegrown ingredients from across different states, NE Origins' variety of pickles is all the spice you need with every meal. Available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, from our chillies to bamboo shoot to meat pickles, you will not miss out the Northeastern flavour in every bite.

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Pickle - The Epitome of Every Indian Cuisine

Can you think of one side dish without which any Indian cuisine is incomplete? It is pickles. Across the length and breadth of India, you come across different types of pickles. Each pickle has its own uniqueness and flavours. A pickle not only enhances the flavours but also completes the meal. It is the pickles from different parts of India that have acted as a bridge across Indian states.

Pickles are a reflection of India's rich culinary tradition as well as a sense of belonging. The flavors, aroma, and taste of fresh homemade pickles are unbeatable. The knowledge of pickle making transfers from one generation to another.

NE Origins aims to preserve the spirit and customs of the Northeast through pickles. It offers a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian pickles online. NE Origins is your go-to online store to buy pickles of northeast India.

Different Types of Pickles at NE Origins

Pickle, known as achar, has lovers everywhere. At NE Origins, we bring the special pickles of Northeast India. Our pickles are prepared using the traditional methods and authentic spices of northeast India. At NE Origins, you can buy vegetarian and non-vegetarian pickles online.

1.Smoked Pork Pickle
The pork is procuredfrom Nagaland, and it is smokedusing pine wood, which adds flavour and aroma to this delicious pork pickle.
2. King Chilli Pickle
King Chilli, also known as the Raja Mircha, is one of the hottest chillis in the world. It is procured from Manipur. Local indigenous spices and generation-old methods are used to prepare tangy King Chilli pickle.
3. Dalle Chilli Pickle
Dalle Khursani, a special variety of chilli from Sikkim, is one of the hottest chillies in the world. The Dalle Khurasani pickle is red in colour and is perfect combination of spice and a powerful aroma.
4. Smoked Chicken Pickle
The finest quality chicken from Nagaland is the core ingredient in the lip-smacking smoked chicken pickle. The chicken is smoked using the age-old practice of using pine wood. The local spices further add flavour and aroma to the pickle.
5. Dalle Chilli in Vinegar Pickle
The spice and rich flavours of the Dalle Khursani pickle give the perfect kick to every Indian meal. On the spice metre, it is rated 7 out of 10. So, if you love spicy and tangy flavours, you must try it as soon as possible.
6. Axone King Chilli Pickle
A delicacy of Nagaland, Axone Naga King Chilli Pickle is known for its smoky flavours. The strong aroma and taste will linger on your taste buds for a long time.
7. Dalle Chilli with Bamboo Shoot Pickle
You experience the spicy flavour of the Dalli Chilli and the crunchy texture of bamboo shoots in the Dalle Chilli with Bamboo Shoot Pickle. It is a staple pickle of every household in the northeast and is best enjoyed with rice and curry.
8. Bamboo Shoot Pickle
In every bite of bamboo shoot pickle, your taste buds get the distinctive taste and flavour. The subtle flavour, crunchy texture, and appetizing smell add a refreshing touch to any simple meal. 

    Health Benefits of Eating Pickles 

    We are sure that, until now, you ate pickles for their flavors and aroma. Your favourite pickle is not only delicious but also has medicinal properties.

    1.Rich in antioxidants
    Pickles are a great source of antioxidants which tend to reverse the ageing process.
    2.Prevent Digestive Problems
    Did you know that eating fresh pickles can prevent digestion problems? A pickle without vinegar content restores good bacteria in the human digestive system.
    3.Rich Source of Minerals
    Pickles with a presence of herbs such as curry leaves, coriander, and parsley are rich in vitamins A, folate, iron, calcium, and potassium. Thus, eating pickles supplies the body with vital minerals and vitamins.
    4.Boost Immune System
    Fresh pickles have vital micronutrients that protect the body from several diseases. Moreover, eating pickles can strengthen the bones, and improve the immune system.
    5.Good for pregnancy
    In the first trimester of pregnancy, nausea and vomiting are common. Eating pickles is the best way to get relief from these common pregnancy problems. The sweet and sour flavours of pickles cure nausea.

    Why choose NE Origins to get the best pickles online?

    With us, you discover the unique and authentic pickles of northeastern India. By working with local picklers, we aim to empower the local livelihood and preserve the rich culture of the northeastern region. We guarantee you the finest quality of vegetarian and non-vegetarian pickles. Furthermore, you get the fastest doorstep delivery service of pickles.

    We aim to preserve authentic flavours in each bite of pickle. Thus, the main ingredients in our pickles are sourced from the best-growing regions of northeast India. You can buy your favourite variety of northeast pickle online in a few clicks.


    Ques - What is the most famous pickle?
    Ans - The Dalle Chilli Pickle of northeast India is the most famous because of its hot and spicy flavour. You can buy it online from NE Origins at the best market price.

    Ques - Which is the hottest chilli pickle in India?
    Ans - NE Origins King Chilli Pickle is the hottest chilli pickle in India. King Chilli is also known as "bhut jolokia" in Assam. Indigenous spices and mustard oil are used in the preparation King chilli pickle.

    Ques - What is the price of a chicken pickle?
    Ans - At NE Origins, the price of 60gm of smoked chicken pickle is Rs. 200/-.

    Ques - Which pickle is best for non-veg?
    Ans - The best non-vegetarian pickles are the smoked chicken pickle and the smoked pork pickle. Each of these pickles has authentic indigenous spices and prepared using traditional method. The flavours won't leave your taste buds for a long time. NE Origins is your one-stop online store to buy non-veg pickle.