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Kiwi Jam, 250g

Kiwi Jam, 250g

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Introducing Ne Origins Kiwi Jam, made in Sikkim! What could be more delicious than jam made with freshly-picked kiwis? Our jam is made with the goodness of real kiwi fruits, blended with a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. Made with natural ingredients, this jam has a unique flavor that will burst from your palate on every bite. With just the right amount of crunch, this versatile jam is perfect to spread on your morning toast, add to your favorite desserts, or even mix with a glass of sparkling wine. Enjoy the taste of paradise that Sikkim has to offer with Ne Origins Kiwi Jam.


Kiwi Pulp, Sugar, Thickener(INS440)
Acidity Regulator(INS330)

How to use?

Scoop the kiwi jam out of the jar and into a bowl. Heat the jam for a few minutes so that it is easier to spread across the dough. Ensure that you don’t heat the jam for too long or too hot so that it doesn’t burn.

Spread the kiwi jam over the dough:
Spread the heated kiwi jam evenly over the dough (as if you were spreading butter.)

Now you can bake the bread or roti with the jam on it like you normally would - either in the oven or tandoor. Enjoy your delicious, home-baked goodness!

Best Before

12 months


What is Ne Origins Kiwi Jam?

Ne Origins Kiwi Jam is a Sikkim kiwi jam made from sustainably grown and harvested kiwi fruit. It is a natural, healthy and delicious jam that can be enjoyed on toast, as a topping for pancakes, or as a spread.

Where is Ne Origins Kiwi Jam sold?

Ne Origins Kiwi Jam is available for purchase online through our website, Amazon and Flipkart.

How long does Ne Origins Kiwi Jam last?

Ne Origins Kiwi Jam should last up to 12 months when stored in a cool, dry place. It is also recommended to prevent oxidation of the jam, keep it refrigerated after opening.

Are there any allergens in Ne Origins Kiwi Jam?

Ne Origins Kiwi Jam is free from gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, and wheat.

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