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High time you switched to raw honey, here’s why!


The North East of India is one of the regions in the nation that is the most populated with flora and fauna. The plush vegetation, medicinal flora species and rare fauna species safely grows and flourishes within this region. The natural escapes that sprawl freely within the 8 states of the North east are key attraction for tourists who plan on escaping the city life and look for simpler things that are nature bound and come unexpectedly. It is a region that one does not have control over, rather Mother Nature does, and this is precisely why people like to wander lust in these regions.

The Exotic North East and its resources

With all this exotic flora and fauna species, the region is also home to some of the most varied species of insects and important pollinators like bees. Because of the freedom that such resourceful members of nature enjoy in the North East, we get the privilege some of the most unadulterated, completely nutritional and a plethora of varieties of Honey. For us Honey that we consume is a much priced possession because we can’t get the goodness of what raw honey provides in the honey that is store brought or commercial.

Confusion with the kinds of honey

Now this can get really confusing for some of us trying to differentiate and choose between the types of honey available to us; after all we want to give our families what is the best possible options out there. So let us get into the kinds of honey that is available to us, that we consume and the ones we should be consuming.

commercial honey

Raw honey

One might think of confusion when they read different kinds of honey that are labelled in different kinds of ways on the internet. There is raw honey, organic honey, unfiltered honey and commercial honey. They may ask themselves aren’t all these essentially the same thing in the end? Well let me tell you this, they are not exactly the same thing. There is a difference of nutritional value/content and the way of processing the honey for packaging. This is a pretty interesting topic because we tend to consume honey without knowing that are much nutritional and medicinal honey to be consumed out there and we are still stuck to consuming the kind of honey that is only commercially available to us.

Not saying that commercially bought honey is useless, but it doesn’t have half the medicinal properties that you can find in natural organic raw honey. Honey is usually available in many forms such as comb honey, runny honey and creamed honey. There are people who we know are able to buy pure honey directly from the apiary. Or local markets of rural regions.

Choosing raw honey brands over commercial honey

But the people living in the city areas and much urban landscapes have still not tapped into the consumerism of raw honey because they think it is not easily available. Well let me just put it out there, the NE Origins website is home to some of the most diverse brands from the north east that pioneers in producing and marketing the best natural honey there is in the nation thanks to the lush flora and fauna.

unprocessed raw honey

In the North East we do not have to consume fake honey that turns into sugar and syrup within 2 months of storing on the shelf. The basic difference that occurs between the commercial honey and raw honey is the process of processing. The process of processing in commercial honey destroys any trace of essential minerals, medicinal compounds, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins that the bee worked so hard in collecting.

Let us first look at all the benefits of consuming raw natural honey:

Honey is a thing that is timeless… and has been used way back centuries ago (almost 8000 years ago) in the past, mostly for medicinal purposes. In the past, people used honey in its natural form unlike today, where we pasteurize the honey making it commercial and lacking of medicinal value. Some commercial honey is simply sugar and syrups adulteration a low quantity of honey which again is processed making it fake honey.

What is raw honey exactly?

The honey that is extracted straight out of a honeycomb is raw honey. When the honey is extracted in its raw form, the Beekeeper will only remove the inedible debris and dead bees from this honey. This honey is not pasteurized which explains the opacity of this kind of honey. This kind of honey is completely safe to consume in its raw form, in fact it is best to consume it in this form.

Benefits of consuming Raw Honey:

Many studies have been done on the subject of consumption of raw honey and it has been proved that raw honey is full of a variety of beneficial components. There are specific compounds in raw honey that provide benefits to the health. The process of pasteurization that raw honey goes through makes sure that the following components are completely removed during the process:

  • Enzymes
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Amino acids
  • Bee propolis, it is the substance similar to glue that keeps the hives stuck together
  • Bee Pollen, this is the compound that has powerful anti-oxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Pasteurization as a process leaves the honey completely exposed to really high temperatures that naturally removes honey’s most effective characteristics, leaving zero to none of the properties intact.

honey is used for medical purposes

It has been observed with studies and even generally in rural everyday life that raw honey is more effective in terms of healing of wounds, combatting infections and other health benefits when compared to regular honey.

What does raw honey consist of when it comes to medicinal compounds?

One of the main compounds that the bee pollen that is known as the primary medicinal aspect in raw honey is known to aid with benefits such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial combat
  • Pain relieving effects and
  • Many anti-oxidants

Pasteurization makes sure that the commercial honey is rid of this bee pollen. However, the above mentioned properties make bee pollen a very helpful agent and an addition to raw honey because it accelerates the natural ability of honey when it comes to healing wounds or killing bacteria.

It is this bee pollen that contains sodium, calcium, magnesium, small amounts of nutrients, vitamins C and A and amino acids.

Raw honey also consists of Bee Propolis. It was in a review study done in the year 2017 that observed the fact that Bee Propolis which can be found in raw honey has the following effects:

  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-ulcer and
  • Anti-inflammatory

This also consists of potassium, beneficial enzymes, Vitamins E, B and C.

Now what is Regular or commercial honey?

Commercial honey is the honey that we find in super markets which are translucent, runny, thin and smooth. This kind of honey goes through a rigorous pasteurization process that helps clear the cloudiness in the honey giving it a clearer appearance that is more aesthetic, it affects the taste of the honey and helps only by increasing the shelf life of the honey.

commercial honey

The process of pasteurization also affects the anti-oxidant content in the honey. Because raw honey hosts phenolic acids, flavonoids and anti-oxidant properties that reduces stress and preserves the cells of the body, pasteurizing that honey simply means getting rid of all these important aspects just for the sake of an aesthetic appearance. All the medicinal properties from the multitude of flowers that a single honey visits is all taken away by heating it.

Furthermore, some companies use additives like sugar or brown rice syrup to increase the quantity of their honey production.

We now have known and understood the importance and aspects that makes raw honey the best option for your family and for everyday use. Let us take que and improve our choices on food that goes into our systems for the better! Order raw natural organic honey sourced from the luscious forests of North East India on

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