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Gundruk (Dehydrated Fermented Mustard leaves), 100g

Gundruk (Dehydrated Fermented Mustard leaves), 100g

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Gundruk is an indigenous Nepali food that is prepared by fermenting and sun drying leafy vegetables (mustard leaf). Gundruk has distinctive sour and fermented taste. It is one of the most versatile food which can be used in various delicacies such as Gundruk Soup, Achar(pickle), or simply a side dish.


Sun Dried Fermented Mustard Leaves

How to use?

Wash the gundruk strands and soak them in water for an hour. Squeeze out the excess water and chop fine.Add onions,tomatoes and other seasonings and then add the gundruk, mix well and cook till gundruk is soft. One can add chillies and prepare Gundruk Achar(pickle) or can add water and boil it till gundruk becomes soft and chewy. Then serve it as a hot Gundruk Soup.

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what is gundruk?
It is an indigenous Nepali food which is made by fermenting and drying mustard leaves (sarson ka saag leaves) using traditional methods.

can i eat gundruk in pregnancy?
Gundruk is beneficial for a pregnant woman as it is rich in iron content, thereby preventing anemia in pregnant women. Furthermore, it stimulates bowel movements, thus preventing the common situation of constipation in the third trimester of pregnancy.

What ingredients are used in gundruk?
At NE Origins, the core ingredient of the gundrak is the sun dried fermented mustard leaves (sarson ka saag leaves). The mustard leaves are procured from local farms in northeast India.

Where can I buy Gundruk online?
You can buy the traditional delicacy of Nepal, Gundruk, from the online store of NE Origins.

What does gundruk taste like?
The fermentation process in the preparation of the mustard gundruk gives it a sour and a little acidic flavour.

Is gundruk good for health?
Mustard gundruk, prepared with the fermented mustard leaves, is good for health because it is high in beta carotene antioxidants which minimize the chances of diabetes. Futhermore, it is rich in B vitamins and vitamin K.

What is gundruk made of?
Gundruk is made of leafy vegetables. There are 4 types of gundruk: mustard gundruk, turnip gundruk, radish gundruk, and cauliflower gundruk. At NE Origins, you can get premium mustard gundruk, which is made from dehydrated fermented mustard leaves (sarson ka saag leaves).

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Loved the taste

The gundruk is of good quality. Loved the taste…..pls continue to maintain the quality.

Sutika Subba
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Fresh products, Ne Origins is a only place I found them selling.